This Murray Harbour home was designed to be fully wheelchair accessible from the entrances, to the kitchen, the bathrooms, and even storage space. It is located on a private lot overlooking Murray Islands and was designed by Brehaut Architecture. From the outset, you can see the entrance is accessible with wide, ground-level doors, and the large windows were installed relatively low in height so that wheelchair users can enjoy the spectacular view.
Brehaut was able to use universal design principles to create a fully functional space without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.
This dining table is the perfect height for a wheelchair user to be able to fit under comfortably.
The countertops in this very accessible kitchen were designed to be low enough for a wheelchair user to easily access so that prepping and cooking is not a problem, while still being a comfortable height for an able-bodied person to use while standing.
The oven and kitchen sink have a gap where a wheelchair user can slide under to use appliances.
There is slide-out shelving inside cupboards throughout the home to make it easier to access the items inside.
As well as being very spacious to allow for lots of maneuvering room, the bathroom has a mounted sink that allows a wheelchair user to sit under, and handlebars by the toilet for bathroom transfers.
When you walk into this home, you don’t think, “It’s obvious a person with a disability lives here,” you think, “Wow, what a beautiful and spacious home.” It’s a great example of how using universal design to create an accessible and inclusive space for everyone can be done in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. Read more about universal design here.
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