Good afternoon!

We spent the early afternoon touring our downtown streets to assess the accessibility of our local shops and restaurants. We noticed some excellent accommodations but also found barriers that could easily be fixed with a little thought.

We’ve listed some very accessible locations as well as a few of the more challenging ones. We did this to inform our clients by providing some examples of what shops and restaurants can do to make access easier for anyone with limited mobility.

We will first give credit where it is deserving, as there has been great work done to

The amazing addition added this year to Peakes Quay restaurant allows all individuals to enjoy the great food and the great views!
The new Peakes Quay gathering space came with the addition of a handful of accessible tables that allow individuals in wheelchairs to sit comfortably.
This is a perfect example of how an entrance can be made accessible to ensure all are welcomed.

There was definitely room for improvement in a few of the other establishments. We’ll show a few instances where accessibility was not considered. In many cases a few small adjustments could make the environments more inclusive.

This ramp was added to one of the shops of Peakes Quay. It’s well constructed with an appropriate slope, but not flush with the building itself making access difficult or impossible for wheelchair users.
An inexpensive ramp would make this entrance wheelchair accessible
This step is difficult or impossible for any person with mobility challenges.
The floating wharf is a location many enjoy in the summer, but the primary ramp is not accessible thanks to our tides. This secondary exit ramp could be made usable with mitigations to both of the ramp’s ends.

We’re happy to see the many improvements and accommodations that have been made so far. Business owners are taking the concerns of a varied population seriously and are working towards inclusion.

All individuals should be able to enjoy their time freely and comfortably.

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