Accessible CrossFit Program

It can be challenging for people with spinal cord injuries to maintain physical fitness.

Fitness facilities may not be accessible, personal trainers may not be knowledgable, and certain exercises may not be possible depending on your level of injury.

That’s why we partnered with CrossFit 782 to create a program that addresses accessibility barriers and empowers our clients, with the help of skilled staff, to break a sweat and get their heart pumping for a truly satisfying workout.

The Accessible CrossFit program is on hold until September, but until then the team at CrossFit 782 is happy to accommodate members with mobility issues through integrated classes.

Members must now book ahead of time to secure a spot in the class here. Those needing accommodations may find the 11am, 1:30 and 2:45 classes to be a better experience as they are typically quieter with smaller groups. That being said, all are welcome to join whichever class they prefer.

Memberships will be paid individually until further notice.