Donation of wheelchair ramp to Dave Grant and family

Spinal Cord Injury PEI was happy to donate a wheelchair ramp to Dave Grant this month.

Dave’s father and brother have picked it up and will be installing it in his soon-to-be-accessible home.

Dave is still in recovery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and is doing well. He hopes to re-educate to start a new career, and plans to start driving again once he’s out.

All the best to Dave and his family!

Notice to Accessible CrossFit Members

The Accessible CrossFit program is on hold until September, but until then the team at CrossFit 782 is happy to accommodate members with mobility issues through integrated classes.

Members must now book ahead of time to secure a spot in the class here. Those needing accommodations may find the 11am, 1:30 and 2:45 classes to be a better experience as they are typically quieter times with smaller classes. That said, all are welcome to join the class of their choosing.

Memberships will be paid individually until further notice.

We’re back!

The pandemic has affected everyone, including all us here at SCI PEI. Our office had been shut for a few months, but we’re back now and focused more than ever on community outreach.

We’re compiling a list of people to whom we can be of service, and we’re reaching out to sibling agencies to see if we can share resources.

We continue to advocate for support and acceptance with government and industry.

Please contact us and let us now if there’s anything we can do to be of service.