Mobility Inclusive

SCI-PEI is thrilled to announce a new accessibility program!

Getting in and out of a car while managing a wheelchair can be difficult at the best of times, and even more so when the weather is bad. Carrying spillables from a chair can be dicey. Picking up a takeout meal can become almost impossible without a little help, which is where the Mobility Inclusive program comes in.

We approached a number of local businesses and their response was overwhelmingly and heart-warmingly positive. Virtually everyone we approached has enthusiastically signed on!

Any business displaying the sticker above will bring your takeout order to your car if mobility impairment makes it difficult for you to get it yourself. If you have a Designated Parking Permitin your car, and no able-bodied passengers, simply call your order in, tell them where you are parked, and they will deliver to your vehicle.

The following have local businesses have all agreed to participate – the list is growing, so keep checking back.

Jack’s Pizza & Donair
Dino’s Pizza
Swiss Chalet/Harvey’s
Dominos (Summerside, Stratford, Buchanan Drive, University Ave)
Famous Peppers
Crafters Burger Co
Little Christo’s
Pizza & Donair Hub
Taste of India
Thirsty Chef